Sunday, June 15, 2014




A solitary door of the mind,
The charming door of memories
Of the erstwhile life, obsessed
Always with grief, if closed;
Always with woes, even if opened.

It’s a poem, written by the heart;
Love’s nectar is its language.
If its meaning is misconceived
If no spelling mistakes, creep up
If omissions and errors, are avoided
It becomes an epic; Matrimony is a mega epic!

Is there a song sung without discord?
Any dances without a faulty step?
Inaccuracy, miscalculation, blunder.

Slip, oversight, delusion, all may occur.
Rhythm may falter, steps may alter,
But the swirl will continue, till the end
When the course is corrected at times,
In the current of the song of life!

Paint the faded pictures of wedlock, with
Ever fresh sparkling colours of endurance;
Like rains and spring seasons wash away
The sins of summer and its debris
As omnipresent Time by its omnipotence.


Saturday, June 14, 2014





                 IN THE MOONLIGHT

Have you forgotten that night?

When we first met, in the moonlight?

We exchanged our glances artfully.

My beloved, my memories are all

Crowded with the enlightened streams

Of your enchanting smiles.

You are the tiny waves which gives bliss

To the withering memories of my forlorn life.

My pleasures pure, have become mute pangs

Now, smothering my morbid soul.

The fragrance emanating in my life

Out of your reminiscence is now

An elixir, for my existence.

The eternal radiance of your smile

Enliven my spirits and soften my pangs….

Saturday, May 24, 2014


                                                              Whither  Thou?

Self immolation, suicides, manslaughter,
And rapes are becoming pillars of life;
Unknown someone is programming
Our lives remotely, as a parody of
A T.V. serial, without start or end
Of a story, that has no meaning,
Pertinence or reason in it.
Basic rights are pilfered somewhere
On the way, making it unfeasible
To express real apprehensions and
Dreams of the human mind, as they
Are plundered or looted away from life.

Man is discarded as an already broadcasted
Programme, rather than being a programmer
Of his life, that can be created to suit him.
Lasciviousness is honoured as masculinity,
In the culture of capitalist society.
A contract made up with the devil!
World has become a hunting ground
Like whale hunt, tiger hunt,
Women hunt, gold hunt, and sex hunt...
Life is deteriorating as an epic of failures;
And man is a helpless creature in that void.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Pathways created by the cruel destiny;

Souls bidding farewell on its sojourn;

Scorching desires of the heart;

Anguish spreading out  everywhere….

Silence grows up watching this scenario;

Life stream floods over embankment;

Distressing in the eddies in its effort to succumb.

Flowers wither and scatter in the breeze;

Days are diffusing in suppressed sobs;

And fall out in the depth of misery and despair.

Life prolongs indifferently and unconsciously.

Dawn will break up one day, carrying

The fragrance of a dream in the wind

Desires will flutter with a thousand wings

The Night Queens will bloom in the forlorn gloom,

And its sweet scent will permeate in the air.

Won’t you come back as the moonlight that gloom?


You who have heard the heartbeat of the night, 

you who have heard, in the long, sleepless hours, 

A closing door, the rumble of distant wheels, 

A vague echo, a wandering sound from somewhere: 

You, in the moments of mysterious silence, 

When the forgotten ones issue from their prison-- 

In the hour of the dead, In the hour of repose-- 

Will know how to read the bitterness in my verses. 

I fill them, as one would fill a glass, with all 

My grief for remote memories and black misfortunes, 

The nostalgia of my flower-intoxicated soul 

And the pain of a heart grown sorrowful with fêtes; 

With the burden of not being what I might have been, 

The loss of the kingdom that was awaiting me, 

The thought of the instant when I might not have been born 

And the dream my life has been ever since I was! 

All this has come in the midst of that boundless silence 

In which the night develops earthly illusions, 

And I feel as if an echo of the world's heart 

Had penetrated and disturbed my own.


I wish if the lamp could  extend its wick a little


To brighten  and give a little more light

Just to ward off  the darkness that pervade

Masking the mind ,from disintegrating.

And tranquilise my weary dreams collapsing

In the alleys of the merciful darkness.

You have come to the rain sodden nest

Of my heart , without me knowing it

And roosted there like the migrating bird.

You went away without telling me

At a most delicate and subtle moment

On a day that was filled with ecstasy

And inexplicable felicity beaming around.

Do you feel the quivering  of a painful feather

On one of your splendored wings now?

Like a glistening dandy pearl resting in the mist

That is blotted away by the morning daylight,

You diffuse as an ache from a sore wound

On the  walls of my soul from that desolate 

A dolorous and despondent melancholy 




Do come my beloved like the divine music

On the flute into the tender mournful  heart.

Have you abandoned your sweet heart

Wandering as  your shadow along with you?

Though you are far away from me

Your sweet music fills me up like a moan

In the soul, my beloved!

Unable to depart from each other,

Bloom in my life as a blossom

Enter into my life as a soft melody...

Let us diffuse in  the moon light

Pervading in the lap of darkness

And dissolve our souls together.

Wherever I am, my angel, your

Sweet voice fills up my heart,

As a  heavenly harmony in its wake.

Though the mind is in the gloom of sadness

Your adorable countenance  brightens

And radiate its brilliance in me….

Wednesday, July 24, 2013



I know now… I belong to you as a dew drop !

A pearldrop that fall down and shatter into infinitesimal atoms

At the touch of your fingertip,  without you knowing it.

I am your heart, the one that silently  whimper for you.

I am the melody on your lips ever present and indelible.

A  song stumbling,  quavering and pining in the mind.

I am your life exclusively  existing here though

Short lived in excruciating circumstances.

I am your depleted ocean, where the quite ripples

Dazzle under the midnoon sun,from where you take

A handful of water  and pour over your chest;

A sea seeking the depth under  your eyes,

You are my rain, showering chillness on my anguish

Assuaging the torpid insensibility of the soul;

The rain seeking  the stinging throbs of my heart

The rain that assimilate in my sighs and diffuse

Falling in my eyelids; always longing to fall down

Permeating its  heavenly fragrance around me.

       *****           ************         *****

Alas! You rob everything,  you merciless  time,

Stealing the magnifIcent dreams of rainbows

That flourished on the tiny petals of this blossom.

Why did you separate  the tiny heart from its stem

With the ghastly fingers of your hands?

You never cared to behold for a moment

The bleeding eyes, bemoaning at the shattered

Pieces of  the glass beads of desires, gathered

And closely kept in the bosom endearingly…

Though you promised an entire spring for me,

I came  to blossom in you as a tiny flower

And to entice you with my sweet fragrance;

The providence granted me  only a short

Evanascent life, and even then  you

Plundered all of my dexterity and made me

Abortive and worthless, you  abominable time!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



In the eyelids of the blossom

Lurks  the anguish left by  a bygone

Spring season, where its joy and passion

Convoked and left  sad reveries.

The manifold cellars of enthralling

remembrances hold in its

Chambers, the romantic moments

That went past through the past  seasons.

Don't you recognize the breeze  that

Carries the sandalwood fragrance

Encircling you, trying to  blot out

the tear drops lurking in your eyes,

By its  erotic embraces and vibrant kisses

All over you, and  on your cheeks

With the frenzy of an avid paramour ?

Love is always  a spasm caused by  the trembling of

An unknown thorn stuck in the heart;

And even when aching, it gives  a comfort

From the honey it drips into the emotions.

You dwell in me, as I diffuse in you

And our  boundary walls softly and gradually

Dissolve into nothingness,  removing the barriers.

If you are away, far away from me

You will  dearly hold me through every moments,

And  will hanker for the dream that brings me to your side.

When there is parting, love will erupt  fiercely

As a wild fire and  invite a typhoon into its midst,

Remaining inside the sinews like a wall of fire.

Love becomes a spring blossoming with tears

In the eyelids, and  without the pangs of love,

Love will wilt like the summer blooms.




When you come....

 No words are essential…

No hues  are needed to write my chronicle

Of melodies of love, as   you cast a look into my soul .

Though you know not the impact of such a scene;

Where lay embedded a thousand   desires

Involving infinite  imaginations, idling dormant

Insipid in your heart for long, and longing.

Wherever you are, your heart throbs come to  me

Like the soft breeze in the air, stealing  the

The fragrance  of your hair kept

In the palm of the wind embracing you.

And  when I kiss those petals on buds

Enfolding into a bloom, they turn into a hue

Of pink  softness with the coyness felt of the dulcitude,

As that of your marvelous lips.

I will wait for you under the canopy of the inert night.

As the path you walk through, are adorned by

Countless glow worms, like the yonder stars on the  Milky way.

I will embrace your soul and whisper  into your ears

That you are my beloved ,and will liquefy

                                      In the ecstasy of that immaculate rapture.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013




I just dozed off; just dozed off in

The chillness of the rain that came after

When the moon slept after the witching hour.

Remaining in the  the back stage  we were

Adorning our costumes for the play.

And when you came and softly touched my cheek

With the feather of your tender fingers

I was ovewrwhelmed with an unknown

Ecstasy with that caress,  passed

through your lightning fingers into me.

What made you to awken me while I was sleeping?

What prompted you to clasp me close to your chest;

As though you needed to give me something?

To embrace me or kiss me squeezing me into you?

Or was it just to snuggle  me into you with your love?

I have closed into you so much in this birth.

I have deliquesced into you and unisoned.

All unknowingly as my passion was so intense.

It never let me know how it happened.